How to create a HubSpot form

Use a Fillout form to create or update your HubSpot contacts. Embed your forms or share them anywhere.

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot functions as a comprehensive CRM platform that incorporates a variety of software, integrations, and tools, enabling seamless connectivity between marketing, sales, content management, and customer service.

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How it works

1. Create your form in Fillout

In your Fillout dashboard, click + New Form followed by Connect Then, pick HubSpot form in the pop-up.
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Choose your theme (don’t worry, you can always change this later). Click Connect to HubSpot to connect your HubSpot contacts table to Fillout.
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2. Grant access to the Fillout app

Select the account you’d like to connect to Fillout, and then press Choose Account. You’ll then be informed which features we get access to, and you can continue!
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Troubleshooting: Unable to connect? Try ensuring that you’re logged into your HubSpot account before connecting, and try again. Contact for help.

3. Map your questions

Now that you’ve connected to HubSpot and synced with your contacts, it’s time to create your form. Fillout will pull your questions (and answer options, when present) directly from your HubSpot table.
HubSpot properties now appears in the left sidebar of your Fillout form editor. All the properties you set up in HubSpot are here. Simply drag & drop to start building your form.
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To connect a new question to your HubSpot contacts, or check an existing connection, go to the dropdown menu inside Connected > Property to connect to in the right sidebar.
Custom properties created in HubSpot should be marked to Use in forms, and bots, to use in Fillout forms.
Tip: If you make changes in your HubSpot contacts table that you want to reflect in your Fillout form, hit the Refresh HubSpot Connection icon 🔄 , or refresh the Fillout page

4. Publish & Share

Once you’ve finished creating your form, you’re ready to go! Simply Publish and share. Form responses will now automatically populate inside your HubSpot table. You can share the link directly, or embed the form on your site.
Good to know: Fillout has many powerful features like branching and conditional hide/appear logic. No matter how complex your needs are, there’s a way to build it in Fillout.

Update existing contacts

Existing contacts will automatically be updated if the form is re-submitted with the same email as an existing contact in your HubSpot CRM.
Good to know: You can pre-fill your form if you already know information about your existing contact. For more info, see this help article.

Specify a condition

You can run your integration only when a specific condition is met. Check out this guide.

Hubspot specific guide

Make new companies and deals in a HubSpot form
Make new companies and deals in a HubSpot form