Pre-fill fields

Set a default value to pre-populate form fields, based on previous inputs, URL parameters or even information from 3rd party integrations.

How to pre-fill a field

You can pre-fill Fillout questions with either static or dynamic data from integrations like Airtable and Notion. To set the pre-fill value, click a field. On the right-hand panel, click + to look for a default value.
notion image

Pre-fill basics

You can set a fixed value as the pre-fill by just typing some text under Default value.
If you click the blue + icon, you can pre-fill the field with:
  • Answer to another Fillout field

Pre-fill with external data like Airtable or Notion

See reading and referencing external data. Here's an example of referencing data from the Airtable record the form is editing.
notion image

Pre-fill an integration with a fixed/static value

Pre-fill using a custom date


Other advanced features

URL Parameters/Hidden fields
Add custom values to answer options