Pre-fill fields in your form

Use default value to pre-fill fields in your form, based on previous inputs, URL parameters or even information from 3rd party integrations.

You can pre-fill Fillout questions with either static and dynamic data from integrations (like Airtable/Notion). To set the pre-fill value, click on a question and look for the "Default value" setting:
notion image

Pre-fill basics

You can set a fixed (unchanging) value as the pre-fill by just typing some text.
If you press the blue "+" icon, you can pre-fill the question with:
  • Another Fillout field

Pre-fill with external data (e.g. Airtable or Notion)

See reading and referencing external data. Here's an example of referencing data from the Airtable record the form is editing:
notion image

Pre-fill an integration with a fixed/static value

See this guide:
Write a static value to an integration

Pre-fill using a custom date

Press "+" and choose "Date utilities" to pre-fill with values like "tomorrow", "one month from now", or "5 days before today". Useful for date pickers.
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