Answer piping

Base logic in form fields on previous answers or use them to personalize your Fillout form with answer piping. Display read only fields.


You can make your Fillout forms dynamic through answer piping, allowing you to personalize your form content to the respondent’s info and responses.
For example, you can create references to:
  • Previous form inputs
  • Dates (e.g. today, a month from now, etc.)

Referencing in headings/field labels

To reference previous form inputs in plain text in the form, type @ in a form field to show the reference menu.
notion image
Select the field or question, or simply search for it. Test your form using by clicking Preview in the upper right corner.
notion image
Note: You can only reference fields on the current page or on previous form pages.

Referencing in field logic

To base show/hide logic for fields on previous form inputs, we can click the Logic section on a field and Set conditional logic. Here, every time we click Pick reference, the same menu or dropdown as above will be visible. Click here for more details.

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