Create multiple Airtable records with a form

Make a form that creates multiple Airtable records at one time, in different tables. Tie linked records together automatically with your form.

Fillout is a powerful form builder that lets you create multiple Airtable records with one form. Records can be in the same table or in multiple tables.
There are a few ways to accomplish this, depending on your use case.

Create new linked records with a sub-form

If you want the user to choose how many linked records they would like to create, enable “can create new records” on the linked record picker. More details here:
Create new linked records in an Airtable form
You can fully customize the sub-form that appears for adding the linked records.

Combine multiple forms together

You can combine multiple Fillout forms into one form using this feature:
Combining and repeating forms
Your users won’t know they are filling out multiple forms. You can pass information between forms using URL parameters.
For organizational purposes, you can organize your forms together on the home page using workspaces.

Repeat a form

Let users choose to re-start the form with a “start again” button or automatically redirect the user to the start of the form. More details:
Combining and repeating forms

[Advanced] Use the Webhook integration

You can always use the Webhook integration to connect to Make or Zapier to create multiple records.
We recommend using the other approaches, since those are easier to setup.