Create new linked records in an Airtable form

Let users create new Airtable records from a record picker in your form by filling out a child form. The new record will be automatically selected.

Video tutorial

Below is a tutorial video on how to create new Airtable records from a linked record picker in Fillout.


These are the same steps covered in the video above:
  1. Add a record picker to your form
  1. In the "Basic" section of the record picker, enable "Can create new records?"
notion image
3. (Optional) Press "Edit record creation form" if you'd like to customize the record creation form (e.g. to mark fields as required)
4. That's it! Your users can now press "Create new" to open up a form that lets them create a new record (associated with the linked record)
notion image

Modify the record creation form

Click on the Edit record creation form button to modify the form that’s used for adding new records.
notion image
Your can modify any part of the form! Once you’re done, click Return to parent form in the top right-hand corner.
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