How select and filter Airtable linked records in a dropdown

Make a linked record picker in Fillout. Optionally filter records based on prior inputs.

Let users choose from a filtered set of Airtable records

In Fillout, you can even filter which records a user is choosing from. Here's how:
To get started, create a linked record field in your Airtable table that you plan to write/update. Now, go ahead and drag and drop that into the Fillout form editor, and you'll immediately be able to pick from records in that associated table:
notion image
Now, you can customize this field with many options like:
  • Allowing users to create new entries in a new (customizable) form
  • Allow selecting multiple
  • Select which fields to show (can show images!)
  • Limit to a view
  • Pick which field to search by
  • Filter which records to show based on form inputs or dynamic data
  • And many more!