Embed a Fillout form in a Webflow website

Learn how to embed a Fillout form in Webflow. It only takes a few minutes to insert your form as a popup, slide-out, or standard element on the page.

While Webflow has some built-in form features, they have limited multi-step functionality and only work with a limited number of third-party apps and platforms, making it hard to sync data to your CRM, database, or email marketing platform.

How to embed your form in Webflow

To add a Fillout form to a Webflow page, start by clicking Publish in the upper right corner of the Fillout form editor. Next, open the Share tab (between Integrations and Results at the top of the screen).
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Select your preferred embed style and click Use this embed.
Adjust your embed style settings to fit your use case (more info on embed style settings here), then click Copy.
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Open your Webflow visual editor, click the + symbol (or press A) to open the Add Elements sidebar.
Select the Elements tab, scroll to the Advanced section at the bottom of the list, and drag and drop the Embed to a spot on the page.
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Paste your embed code from Fillout into the code editor and click Save & Close.
The Webflow visual editor doesn’t display scripts, so you need to open the Publish menu in the upper right corner of the screen and click Publish to selected domains.
After publishing the changes, click the external link icon next to your site URL (an arrow pointing to the upper right corner) to confirm that the embed works as intended.
Here’s a video walkthrough of the entire process:

Troubleshooting common issues:

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Sometimes, design settings applied in Fillout cause the embed to show up as too narrow on the page. To fix this manually, select the Embed in the visual editor, then open the Size menu from the Style sidebar on the right side of the screen.
Increase the Min W value, publish the changes, and keep adjusting until you find a value you like (500px is a good starting point).
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Floating buttons (available in the Popup and Slider embed settings) may float behind certain elements and styles, like image sliders.
One way to fix this is placing the Embed element inside of a Div block (under Basic in the Add Elements sidebar) – almost anywhere on the page should work – and selecting Relative from the Position dropdown within the Style sidebar.
Then, click on every Slide element on the page and select Static from the Position dropdown within the Style sidebar.