Embed a Fillout form in a Wix website

Increase conversions and intake data by embedding a powerful Fillout form to a new or existing Wix website.

Wix started as one of the earliest website builders on the market and has grown to serve over 220 million users worldwide. Its premium plans come with a built-in form builder that lacks a few important features like file upload fields and popular third-party integrations.

Video tutorial

How-to guide

To add a Fillout form to a Wix page, start by clicking `Publish` in the upper right corner of the Fillout form editor. Next, open the Share tab (between Integrations and Results at the top of the screen).
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Below the social sharing icons, open the Embed form tab, click `Use this embed` under Standard, and copy the code snippet.
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In Wix’s drag-and-drop editor, embedded elements live inside containers drawn on the page. Click on `+` from the left-hand sidebar, open the Embed Code menu, and click the `+` next to Embed HTML.
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Paste the copied embed code below Add your code here (HTTPS only): and click the `Update` button below the textbox.
After you see your form inside the Embed HTML container, click and drag the element to wherever you want it on the page. Resize the container by clicking and dragging on any of the white circles lining the border of the element.

Adding a lightbox in Wix to get around embed container limitations

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Although you can add custom code to create popup forms that render outside the bounds of an embed element’s borders, there’s an easier solution.
Click on `+` from the right-hand sidebar, open the Interactive menu, and choose a template from the Lightboxes submenu. That will open a new page editor for a popup.
Add an Embed HTML element inside the lightbox section (using the steps above) and resize the element as needed.
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Click `Exit Mode` next to Lightbox Mode or click the dropdown menu in the upper left corner of the screen to return to editing to the previous page.
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To link a button element or URL text to the lightbox popup, click the link icon, choose the Lightbox option, and select the lightbox page with your Fillout form from the dropdown list.

Add custom code to a Wix website for embeds outside the iframe

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If you have a premium Wix account and your site is on a custom domain, you can use Wix’s custom code feature to embed your form anywhere, without the limitations of the iframe embed.
From your Wix account dashboard, open the Settings menu from the left-hand sidebar. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Custom code.
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Paste a Fillout Popup, Slider, or Full screen embed code into the text box, choose which pages should use the code snippet, and choose Body - start from the Place Code in: list. Click `Apply` and preview your site to confirm the changes.