Form page layout

Customize your form page's layout or position with Fillout. Choose where you want to showcase a background image or opt for a clean layout.

How to choose a layout

On your form, click Theme.
notion image
In the Form designer, go to Position, and select your preferred layout.
notion image
Note: Your chosen layout will be automatically applied to the rest of the pages. Currently, only the cover page supports having a different layout to the rest of the form.
You can choose between the following layouts:
  • Clean - no image, but background color can be changed
  • Right - text on the right + image on the left
  • Left - text on the left + image on the right
  • Under - text under a cover image
  • Through - text through image
  • Over - text in a container on top of the image
Note: For full page image, generally 16:9 is best or 1280 x 720. For side-by-side layouts, 512 x 720 is the ideal size, however you can use any size because the positioning can be adjusted.

How to add animated page transitions to your form

Certain positions come with sublte animations out of the box. Click Preview to try out your form. You’ll see automatic animations between pages, depending on which form position you chose.

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