Progress bar

Customize the default progress bar that shows up when respondents answer your Fillout form.

What is a progress bar

A progress bar lets respondents know how much of the form have been completed and how much remains. By default, respondents will see a progress bar at top of the form.
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How to change the color of the default progress bar

Go to the Edit tab and click Theme to open the Form designer.
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Click the Primary color picker to choose your desired color.
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How to remove the progress bar

To hide the progress bar, go to your form's Settings. Click Form behavior, then untoggle the Show progress bar switch.
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How to add a customizable progress bar

On the left-hand panel of your form, click Add progress bar.
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Click the progress bar field to customize it. This will open the right-hand panel where you can change its color, rename the current steps, and add new steps. You can add up to five steps.
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You can also pick which page should go into which step in the progress bar under Current page progress. Go to any page in your form (except for Cover and Ending pages), and match this to the specific step you'd like the page to correspond to.
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That's it! Publish your form and share the link. Your new progress bar will look like this on your respondents' end.
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