Make a quiz with Fillout

Make personalized quizzes to engage your audience or generate leads. Choose from dozens of question and field types, calculate scores, and automate follow-up.

With Fillout, you can easily create and customize your own free quiz that lets you:
  • Automatically score submissions
  • Show answers after each question or just at the end
  • Sends a notification whenever someone completes your quiz

Try a demo quiz

Give the demo quiz below a try to get an idea of the types of quizzes you can make with Fillout. This is just one example - the Fillout quiz builder is highly customizable.

How to create a quiz in Fillout

1. Create a new quiz

First, sign up for a free Fillout account, then click here.
If you already have a form that you want to turn into a quiz, go to its Settings tab and click Quiz mode. Then, switch on Quiz mode enabled.
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2. Add your questions

Drag and drop the quiz questions you'd like to use from the left-hand panel to your form. Select from dozens of different types.
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3. Set up scoring

Assign score values to each question. Fillout automatically tallies the scores for you. Click a question followed by the quiz icon.
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Put a tick mark on the correct answer. You can choose multiple correct answers, if applicable, and even define a score value for each answer. Typically, you’ll want to assign a score of 1 for correct answers and 0 for incorrect answers, but you can use different values if you’d like to weigh questions unequally.
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Adding custom feedback

You can also add a custom message to show to respondents, depending on their answers. To do so, enable Custom answer feedback.
Type the message you would like to show when someone answers a question correctly or incorrectly.
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4. Customize the design

Now, the fun part! Customize the look and feel of your quiz with Fillout’s Form designer. Choose from a variety of fonts, colors, and themes to match your brand or desired look and feel. Simply, click Theme.
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5. Publish and share

Once your quiz is complete, click Publish on the upper right corner and share the link. You can embed the quiz on your website or share it via email, social media, or other channels through the Share tab.
You can also enable email notifications for whenever someone fills out your quiz. The respondent’s score will be included in the email.

6. Review and analyze results

Fillout provides real-time reporting and analytics on your quiz results. You can view individual responses or analyze trends and patterns to gain insights into your audience's knowledge and understanding. Just click on the Results tab to get started.

Advanced quiz features

Accessing the respondent’s score in the quiz

You can reference the respondent’s score anywhere in the quiz, even while the quiz is still in progress. Use this to set up conditional logic (like showing different pages to people who score differently) or to show or hide fields dynamically.
Type @ then Insert score.
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That’s all for now! If you have any questions, you can always contact us at Sign up today to try the Fillout quiz maker for free.