Respondent notification email

Automatically email respondents a copy of their answers that they can edit later on.

How to enable respondent notifications

Go to Settings, and toggle Respondent notifications.
notion image
You can toggle Include a link to edit submission to allow your respondents to revise their answers later on.
That's it! Respondents will now automatically receive an email notification upon submission containing a summary of their responses like the one below.
notion image
Important: Make sure you have an Email Address field in your form so that Fillout knows where to send the respondent email to.

How to send different messages based on responses

You can send a different message to a group of respondents depending on the answers they have provided in the form through Custom emails.
Toggle Send conditionally?. Add a condition. In the example below, we'll be sending our customized message to respondents who answered Yes, I will attend. to our movie screening form.
notion image
Click Save changes when you're all set.

How to send the email to multiple recipients

You can also send your email to multiple recipients at once, by clicking + Add another under the Send email to.
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You can select an email field from your form, or even select an email from other sources like integrations or hidden fields.

How to customize the email

You can edit the default message and subject, and style its contents. More info here.

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