Lead enrichment

Enrich emails with Clearbit. Conditionally route leads to different pages based on company size, industry, company type and more. Auto-fill or auto-hide fields based on available enrichment data.

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Note: Lead enrichment is part of the conversion kit paid add-on. Fillout covers the costs for external APIs like Clearbit and Google Maps - no API key needed. Get started here.

Enriching leads and conditional routing

If you enable Enrich with Clearbit, you’ll receive access to the following properties after a respondent fills out their email:
  • Employee count - total number of employees that work at the company
  • Employment name - name of the company the person works for
  • Employment domain - domain of the company the person works for
  • Employment role - a person’s standardized role at the company they work for based on their title. See all possible values.
  • Company traffic rank - a company’s standing in a global rank of company website traffic as calculated by ClearbitSee all possible values.
  • Company employee range - number of employees that work at the company by range. Useful for segmenting companies by size. See all possible values.
With page logic, you can conditionally route leads based on company size, industry, job title and more based on the data obtained from the email field.
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Common use case: Route leads with over x employees to a scheduling page with your enterprise team. Or, create multiple scheduling pages to route leads based on region, industry or company size.
Lastly, you can send enriched data to any integration by setting up additional mappings on the Integrations tab.