Scheduling page

Allow respondents to book a time slot on your calendar, using Calendly, or other scheduling integrations, directly from your Fillout form. Optionally pre-fill fields and save booking data to your integrations.

Add a scheduling page to your form

Click + Add page and choose Scheduling.
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Note: Scheduling pages are available on the Starter plan and above. Learn more about our pricing plans and advanced features here.

Choose your scheduler

Fillout currently supports Calendly and If you prefer to use another scheduler, you can request it here.
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Select an event

Calendly setup

Connect to Calendly and grant Fillout access to your Calendly events. In the event dropdown, choose the Calendly event that you’d like your users to book.
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For, copy and paste the link of your scheduling event. You can provide either the unique event/booking ending or the full scheduling link.
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Test the integration

That’s it! Go to Preview mode to try it out.
You can always change which event your scheduling page is linked to on the right-hand panel by clicking the settings icon.
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On the Fillout results page, you’ll see a direct link to the new scheduling event, tied to every submission.
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Pre-fill information

You can pass in information to the Scheduling question type using Calendly/ prefills on the right-hand panel. Click the settings icon to make the panel appear.
This is useful if you’ve already asked your respondent for their email or name, or if you’d like to pre-fill the calendar to a particular date.
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Click the + symbol to add reference. This lets you select the value you would like to reference. In this example, we'll pre-fill their email.
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Save the booked time to an integration

With Fillout, you can save the exact time your respondent booked and the scheduling event UUID to any integration, like Airtable or Notion.
Go to the integrations tab. Under Mappings, click + Add new. Choose which Airtable field you’d like to save the booked event time to. Then, choose the scheduling input as the mapped field.
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You can click Continue on the Scheduling question if you’d like to reference the booked event’s end time (as opposed to just the start time) or the Calendly/ event UUID.
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Click Finish setup and Publish your form once everything's set.

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