Map Fillout fields to integrations

Configure form fields and values to send to Notion, Airtable, and other database integrations.

One of the most important parts of connecting to Airtable, Notion, or any other databases is connecting your form fields to actually be sent to your database when the form is submitted.
First, connect your database in the “Integrations” tab. Now drag and drop columns from your database which will be available on the left-hand side of the form editor. This will have them automatically be connected!
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Additional mappings

You might want to send additional information to Airtable, Notion or other databases when a user submits your form, other than your form fields. For example, you might want to save:
  • URL parameter
  • Static values
  • Submission date
You can always create a field and pre-fill it with a certain value, and then connect that field to Airtable/Notion (via the "Connect" menu in the right-hand settings panel of that field), but the "Mappings" section lets you do this more directly.
For example, let's connect a URL parameter via mappings. Head to the "integrations" tab, and then you will see your mappings at the bottom of the page. You can then "Add new", and pick a field in Airtable, and then any reference-able value in Fillout!
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notion image