Choose a record to update

Let users choose the record they want to update in Fillout and then update the record with a custom form.

Fillout lets you create update forms to update existing records in Airtable, SmartSuite, Notion and other databases. By default, however, Fillout requires you to pass in the record ID to update in the URL. With the approach described below, you can have your users choose which record they would like to update.

1. Create an “update” form

Follow the steps here to create an “update” form.
Make sure to select Update record on the integration and to publish the form.
notion image

2. Create another form to choose the record

Create another form. This is the main form you will send your users to so that they can choose the record to update.
On the form, add a linked record picker that links to the table you would like to update. For example, if your first form updates a Product Inventory table, create this form tied to a different table that has a linked relation with Product Inventory. In this form, add a record picker to choose from those products:
notion image

3. Connect the forms together

Navigate to the ending page of your record chooser form and set it to redirect to your update form. To do so, choose the New form option and select your update form, like so:
notion image
Tip: If you don’t want to create records in your first form, you can always set a condition for when the integration is run (set a condition that is never true).
Finally, pass the record ID to update the update form. To do so, click on Set URL parameters on the ending page. Then, choose the ID parameter of your update form and map it to your record picker’s Record ID.
notion image
That’s it! You can now send users to your picker form to choose a record. Once they submit that form, they’ll be automatically redirected to the update form, which will be pre-filled with the record they chose.

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