Working with form submission IDs

Link submissions back to Fillout by referencing its Submission ID on the integrations page. Search for a particular submission on the results page.

A unique Submission ID is generated whenever someone begins to complete your form. Submission ID’s are randomly generated, like 6bcedd3a-fe26-4bcb-9ce9-d3850e38d42c.

Send the submission ID to your integrations

You might want to send the Fillout Submission ID to your integrations, like Airtable or Notion, so you can easily look up a submission on the Fillout results page later on.

1. Select your integration

First, navigate to Integrations located on the top menu, and choose the app or service you would like to use.

2. Map Submission ID on your Fillout form

Under Mappings, click + Add new. Then, choose what field you want to save the Submission ID to and select Submission ID from the dropdown on the right-hand side.
notion image
In this example, we’re going to save the Submission ID to a field called Fillout Submission ID in our Airtable base.
Note: If you’re using Zapier or Make, you’ll also see the option to reference the Submission ID.
Click Finish setup. That’s it! The Submission ID will be saved to your integration.

Finding a submission on the results page

Go to Results . Click Filter and look for Submission ID in the dropdown. Then, enter the ID number.
notion image

Find the Submission ID for a particular result

Press the i info button on the result you are interested in. You’ll see the submission ID at the bottom of the pop-up window.
notion image

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