Invite team members to your forms

View responses, analyze results, and edit surveys and forms together with your colleagues or collaborators by adding them as seats on your account. Adding new seats is always free.

Inviting more team members to your account is free of charge on all plans.

How to invite a team member

On your Fillout dashboard, click on Invite member located on the upper right corner.
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Enter their email and click + Send invite. The invitee will get notified through their email. Upon clicking the link, they will be redirected to a window where they will be asked to sign up.
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The default selections is Admin , however you can change that. More information on the following section below.
Note: Invites sent expire after 14 days, however you may send them another invite after the expiration date.
You can also add a team member by going to Settings. Here, you'll be able to see the Pending invites you have sent. You can also Copy invite links from here to forward it directly to your invitees or Delete an invite.
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How to grant granular permissions

You can limit team member access, set users to read-only and limit access to connected integration accounts with granular permissions:
Granular permissions

How to effectively work with collaborators

View form submissions together

Gain insights by analyzing data together as a team. Individual members can apply personalized filters to focus on desired analytics, for tailored analyses.

Work on separate forms at the same time

With multiple collaborators working in tandem, tasks can be divided and accomplished more quickly, reducing the time required for form creation and data collection. Collaborators cannot edit the same form at the same time, but can edit different forms simultaneously.

Invite an expert to help build a form or consult on it

You can invite consultants or anyone part of your workflow to help build your forms. Note that consultants may also want to import/export forms from their accounts instead.

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