The payment page type lets you make forms that collect payments from your users, using Stripe. 0% additional fees on all plans.

You can use a payment page to let users book a time on your calendar via your form.
Payment pages are available on all plans with 0% additional fees (usual Stripe fees apply).

1. Adding a payment page

Click “Add page” and choose “Payment”.
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2. Connect to Stripe

Click Connect to Stripe and authorize Fillout to acccept payments.
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3. Choose a payment amount

In the right-hand side settings, choose a currency type and price that you want to charge. You can even make the price dynamic.
That’s it! Press preview to try out the form. Payments will only be collected when you publish the form and send out the actual link.
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Additional settings

Associate payments with a name, email and phone number

Choose values for Customer name, Customer email and Customer phone in the Customer details section to automatically tie payments to a person. You can reference any input in your form, like a short answer or email question (example below).
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Tip: Associate customer details to payments to easily recognize them in the Stripe dashboard.

Reference the payment intent ID in integrations

You can save the Stripe payment ID to the integration of your choice by referencing it in the integrations tab. To do this, go to the integrations tab and click on your integration. In the mappings section, choose Payment → Payment ID.
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Choose “Payment ID”. Stripe payment ids will look like pi_3MKECGFiethEjGwr1TWmQ0rN and allow you to tie a form submission to an actual payment in Stripe.
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