Reorder with drag and drop

Easily reorder form pages and question options for multiple choice, dropdown, checkboxes & picture choice questions with drag and drop.

Reorder pages using drag and drop

You can reorder pages in your form using drag and drop. To do so, drag pages in the bottom toolbar and position them in the order you would like the form pages to be shown.
notion image
Limitations: Reordering with drag and drop is disabled if you have added branching logic to your form. To reorder forms with branding logic, see page logic.

Reorder question options

For multiple choice, dropdown, checkboxes & picture choice question types.
Dropdown and multi-select
You can reorder dropdown options by dragging each option on the right-hand side settings panel, as shown below.
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Picture choices
Simply drag the picture of choice you want to move and drop where you want it to be placed.
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Multiple choice
Drag the options in the center of the screen to reorder a multiple choice question.
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Hover towards the right side of the checkbox option you want to reorder then press and drag the 6 dots to where you want the option to be reordered.
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