Conditional integration logic

Perform an integration only when a certain condition is satisfied. Use conditional logic to create dynamic Fillout forms based on respondents' input.

What is conditional logic

Conditional logic allows you to make forms that adapt to a respondent's answers. Fillout lets you Set conditional logic based on:
  • Previous form inputs
  • URL parameters
  • Calculations
  • Quiz scores

How to specify a condition

1. Open the integration

Head to Integrations and Edit your existing form integration.
notion image

2. Set a condition

Scroll to the bottom, and click the condition symbol.
notion image
In this example, we'll only add contacts to our Klaviyo newsletter if they will attend the movie screening. Click +Add condition then Pick reference. Go to the page where the relevant question is and then Insert it.
notion image
Select the relevant answer. We'll select Yes, I will attend.
notion image
That's it! Now, newsletters will only be sent to those who will attend the screening. Note that you can do this for any integration type, like Airtable, HubSpot and many more.
Important: Remember to publish your form to make the latest changes reflect.

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