Connect your form to Zoom

Schedule new calls in Zoom through the Fillout Scheduler. Automatically connect to availabilities on your calendar to book new meetings and calls.

About Zoom

Zoom provides remote conferencing services, offering video conferencing, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration.

Getting started

If you haven’t already, start by creating a free Fillout account.

1. Create a scheduling form

On a Fillout dashboard, click on the Scheduling tab and hit the + Scheduling form button to start.
Note: if you haven’t yet connected to Google Calendar, you’ll be prompted to sign in with Google first, to schedule events directly on your calendar.
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Name your meeting, pick a duration and hit Continue.

2. Connect your Scheduling form to Zoom

Once in the editor, on the left hand side, click + Add meeting location to select where your meeting will be hosted. Select Zoom as an option, and then click Connect to Zoom.
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You’ll be prompted to grant access to create meetings automatically in your Zoom account (and also the option to edit those meetings if your clients choose to reschedule or cancel).

3. Publish and share

Before finishing, you’ll have a default availability schedule created in Fillout which you can edit in the settings, along with meeting buffer times, and more, if needed.
Click the Publish button in the top-right corner to get a publicly shareable link to your scheduling form, which is now automatically synced to your Calendar, and to your Zoom account.

Schedule calls based on conditions

You can choose to only schedule calls with certain users, by sending them to different pages of your form depending on their answers, even automatically based on data like company size and industry.
More details on logic/conditions here.

Disconnect Zoom from Scheduling Form

If you’d like to stop scheduling calls from your Scheduling form, you can click the X icon next to meeting location to remove it from your form. Remember to hit Publish in the top-right corner again to make that change go live.
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See this article on how to remove the app from your Zoom account.

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