How to create a SmartSuite form

Send responses from your Fillout form to a SmartSuite solution. Drag and drop your fields into the form, and see answers appear in your app automatically.

Good to know: The SmartSuite integration is being improved every day! See the features we’re working on adding at the bottom of this guide.

What SmartSuite is

SmartSuite is a team-oriented work management platform that empowers groups to organize, monitor, and oversee workflows, projects, and daily assignments efficiently. It provides a centralized solution for planning and overseeing all your team's tasks and projects.

Video tutorial


1. Connect to your SmartSuite account

Head to the Integrations tab, and select SmartSuite.
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Input your SmartSuite API key and Workspace ID. You can find your API key in your user profile, and your workspace ID as the first 8 characters after when you’re logged in.
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Refer to the SmartSuite help center for more info on how to find these.

2. Pick your Solution and App to connect the form to

The solution and app you choose should be the one you’d like records to be either created or updated in.
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3. That's it! Drag and drop automatically synced fields

The form you build will automatically sync to your SmartSuite account. At this point, you can drag and drop the fields from the left-hand panel into your form, and they’ll automatically be connected to those fields in your SmartSuite account.
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You can also connect existing questions using the Connect menu in their settings (on the right-hand panel). More info here.
Good to know: Fillout has many powerful features like branching and conditional hide/appear logic. No matter how complex your needs are, there’s a way to build it in Fillout.

SmartSuite feature roadmap

The following SmartSuite fields are not yet supported in Fillout forms, but are on the roadmap:
Date range, Signature, Checklist, Social network, Rich text area, Sub-items, Time tracking, User(s), Availability status, Color picker, Full name, Duration, and Cross-solution links

SmartSuite specific guide

Update existing SmartSuite records with a form
Update existing SmartSuite records with a form