Connect your form to Intercom

Create new messages from a Fillout form, and automatically create or update associated contacts/leads directly in Intercom.

What Intercom is

Intercom is a customer communication platform that integrates various messaging services to facilitate business-to-customer interactions. It allows companies to manage support, sales, and marketing communications through live chat, bots, and personalized messaging.

How it works

1. Link your Fillout form to Intercom

Open the form you want to integrate with Intercom, then go to Integrations. Click Intercom.
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Click Connect to Intercom and then grant access to Fillout to create new messages, leads, and users.

2. Map your form fields

Match the fields in your Fillout form to the corresponding fields to use in the new message in Intercom. You must provide an email associated with the contact submitting the message, and also what the message itself is.
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You can optionally also choose to create new leads or users if they don’t exist with the email in question, and associate answers in the form to the user.

3. Publish and share

Once everything is set, click Finish setup on the upper right corner. New form submissions will now create new messages, and optionally new leads/users directly in your Intercom!
Remember to click Publish after making any further changes to the integration.

Specify a condition

You can run your integration only when a specific condition is met. Check out this guide.

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