The currency field lets you collect currency amounts and, optionally, convert them between currencies in your forms.

Add a currency field type

First, drag the "Currency" field type onto your form.
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Note: This feature is available on Starter, Pro, Business, and Enterprise plans. Learn more about our pricing plans and advanced features here.
Choose the currency code for the currency you would like to collect. Here is a list of all the possible options.
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Collect a dynamic type of currency

If you'd like to let your users choose the currency type or if the currency type should be specified by an external source (e.g. Airtable or Notion), use the "+" button to reference a prior field.
For example, here we reference the "From currency" dropdown to make the dropdown determine the currency type.
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Converting currencies

Enable the "Convert currency" toggle to automatically convert the currency the user types in. You can specify a fixed currency to convert to or provide it dynamically using the "+" button.
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You can reference the converted amount anywhere in your form using the "+" button.
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