Create nested forms within your main form. Organize and structure long forms by breaking them down into smaller, more manageable subforms you can customize.

Use a subform within your form

On the left-hand panel of your form, click Subform. Then, type the question or information you need from your respondents.
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Click the settings icon to open the right-hand panel. Next, select a Connected Subform to link to another form. This linked form will appear for respondents to fill out when they complete the subform question or field. Lastly, select a Main field. This will be the label of the subform.
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That's it! Publish your form and share the link. Subforms allow respondents to edit completed submissions and resume partial ones.
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Add subform limits

Require minimum submissions from respondents by toggling this option under Validations on the right-hand panel. Here, you can also Limit maximum submissions to put a cap on the number of subforms they can add.
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Select from previous submissions

You can also allow respondents to pre-fill form fields with existing form records by adding a Submission picker field. View the quick guide here.