Date range

Add a date range question to your form to collect a start and and end date from your users. Useful for booking forms, project planning or anytime you need to collect a date duration.

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The "date range" question type lets users select a start and end date in your forms.

Question settings

You can customize the date format, first day of the week, placeholders, minimum and maximum dates and more.
In the form editor, click on your date range question and change any settings in the right-hand side panel.

Mapping to Airtable, Notion and other databases

First, add a Date range question type in the “Other” section.
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Next, navigate to the integration tab and choose Airtable, Notion or your integration of choice.
In the Mappings section, choose the fields you want to save the start and end dates to. On the right-hand side mapping, click “continue” on your date range question and choose the Start date and End date, respectively.
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