Choice matrix

Add a choice matrix question type to your form to collect a grid/table of selections from users for corresponding rows and columns.

The choice matrix field type can be used to collect data organized in a grid or table, where users need to select one or multiple options per row. Some common use cases include:
  • Selecting dates and corresponding slots or appointment times
  • Ranking multiple options in a grid on a likert scale (e.g. unlikely to likely)

Add a choice matrix field to your form

To add a choice matrix to your form, simply drag and drop it from the left-hand side panel:
Adding a choice matrix to select time slots for an appointment
Adding a choice matrix to select time slots for an appointment

Add titles for the rows and columns

The rows of your matrix will typically the define the options or questions you want to have choices chosen for. In the example above, we’ve added appointment dates for the rows, and corresponding slots to be chosen for those dates as the columns.
Note: the choice matrix can be configured to allow picking one, or multiple options. Toggle the Can select multiple? option on the right-hand settings panel to enable.

How to connect a choice matrix to integrations

If you’re connecting the choice matrix to an integration which has inputs to map to (e.g. Airtable, Notion, Hubspot, etc.), you can pick the individual rows you’d like to map to different fields or properties in your integration separately:
  1. Go to the Integrations tab when editing your form
  1. Select your integration of choice
  1. Connect your integration, if you haven’t done so already
  1. Map each row of your choice matrix to the fields in your integration of choice:
notion image
notion image
  1. Repeat this process for any of the other rows you need to send to your integration
That’s it! Now your integration is set up to receive answers from your choice matrix.
If your choice matrix is set to select multiple, you should make sure to pick a property/field in your integration which expects multiple answers.