Button types

Change the labels, alignment, design, and animation of your form's next, submit, and start buttons. Add a skip button and edit the position of your back button.

List of button types

By default, your form will have the following buttons:
  • Next - assigned button for form, review, payment, login, and scheduling pages
  • Back - located on the upper left corner, allows respondents to view previous pages
You can also add:
  • Skip - button that lets users go to the next page

Edit button labels

Click a button followed by the settings icon to open the right-hand panel. Change the default Button text to your preferred label.
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Change button alignment

In the right-hand panel settings, choose between the following Alignment options:
  • - left aligned
  • →|← - center aligned
  • - right aligned
  • ←|→ - expanded or same width as your form's text
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Customize button design and animation

The Background color or your button is determined by the Primary color you choose in your Theme. You can change its color through the right-hand panel.
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Good to know: Changing the background color of your button will not change the primary color of your form.
You can also change the shape of your button by clicking Theme on the upper left corner followed by Advanced designer.
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Under Buttons, choose a Rounding style to edit the shape. You can also choose Grow as your Animation style. This will make buttons increase a little in size when hovered over.
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Note: Custom themes are available on the Starter plan and above. Learn more about our pricing plans and advanced features here.

Change back button's position

In the Advanced designer, click your preferred Back button position.
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Add a skip button

Go back to your form's right-hand panel, toggle the Skip button switch.
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Important: Make sure your Back button position is set to Default (not Next near button) to be able to use a Skip button.
You can also let respondents automatically skip pages without the skip button by enabling Auto jump.

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