How to create a Google Sheets form

Send responses from your form to a Google Sheet. Set up this integration in less than 30 seconds, to automatically sync a spreadsheet to your form questions!

Use a Fillout form to create new rows in a Google Sheet.

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How it works

1. Start with a form synced to Google Sheets

If you already have a form that you now want to connect to Google sheets, you can skip to the section below
If you already have a form that you now want to connect to Google sheets, you can skip to the section below
  • Select the option to connect your form to an integration
  • Pick Googlesheets as an integration option
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  • Choose your theme (don’t worry, you can always change this later).
  • Once you’ve chosen Google sheets, you will be prompted to connect to your Google account

Connect to your Google account

  • To start, hit “Sign in with Google” to connect your account
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  • Choose the account you’d like to to have the Google sheet be created in:
  • Hit Continue to grant access to Fillout to only the sheets that have been created by Fillout

2. That’s it! The form you build will automatically sync to your sheet

At this point, a new Google Sheet has been created on your account, which you can always find by checking the settings of the integration on the Integrations tab in the editor. You can add new questions, change your theme, and all of those changes will automatically be reflected in the sheet.
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Fillout has many powerful features like branching and conditional hide/appear logic. No matter how complex your needs are, there’s a way to build it in Fillout.

Already have a form? Connect to Google Sheets in a few clicks!

To connect a form that you’ve already made to a Google Sheet, simply head to the Integrations tab on that form, and select Google sheets:
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  • Once you’ve selected Google sheets, follow the steps above for how to Connect to your Google Account.
  • Your form submissions will all now automatically sync to a new Google Sheet! You can always revisit this tab to view which sheet your submissions are heading to

Working with different question types in Fillout

  • Date times:
    • Note that all date timestamps that are sent to your Google Sheet (using the Date time picker field in Fillout) are written in UTC.
    • To display times in a local timezone, you can add an extra formula column to do so
  • Address field:
    • By default, all of the answers in your address field will be added to separate columns in your Google Sheet. Use this to easily sift through answers from a certain City/State, or hide the columns which you don’t need